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South Sudan’s business environment unfavorable, Troika

By William Madouk

United States, United Kingdoms and Norway said South Sudan does not have a conducive environment for business development and private sector investment.

US Ambassador to Juba, Michael J. Adler commended while representing the three countries, normally referred to as TROIKA, during opening of South Sudan national Economic conference, in Juba.

He said that South Sudanese are yet to see the prosperity they anticipated for after 12 years of independence and 18 years of the comprehensive peace agreement.

“Looking beyond this conference, we call upon the transitional government to demonstrate through its actions that it views achieving this growth as a priority,” said Adler during the opening of the first economic conference in Juba.

The four-day economic conference is being organized under the theme, “Towards Diversified, Inclusive, and Sustainable Economic Growth.”

The US top diplomat in Juba said the transitional government must establish an environment that is conducive to effective development assistance and a responsible private sector.

“I regret to say that such an environment does not currently exist,” said Adler, who was speaking on behalf of the Troika countries.

“Such an environment will only emerge when the transitional government demonstrates political will to meet the peace commitments necessary so that a free, fair, and peaceful election can take place,” he added.

Mr. Adler further said a conducive environment will be there if there is accountability for human rights violations, including gender-based violence, and measures to prevent corruption.

“It will only come when there is transparency in the use of public revenue and prioritization of the fact that public resources should be used, indeed must be used, to meet public needs,” he continued.

The Troika also called on the government to use public revenues in a manner that treats South Sudanese citizens as its priority.

“Pay public sector salaries on time, including those for health workers, teachers, and security forces, in a transparent and accountable manner,” Amb. Alder noted.

“The transitional government should also increase its contribution to the health sector and humanitarian assistance to its people who are in greatest need,” he stressed.

According to him, to reverse those factors, the government of national unity must implement the peace deal, introduce transparency and accountability, and prioritize the use of public revenue to meet public needs.



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