Pariang Hospital receives essential medicines

By Yien Gattour

Pariang Hospital in the Ruweng Administrative Area has received sufficient drug supplies after eight months of scarcity.

The medicines were supplied by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Ministry of Health.

The supplies, consisting of medicines and equipment, will help address the shortage of drugs in the hospital.

Pariang Hospital Administrator, Benjamin Munybang said the drug supplies will help address the dire health situation in the area.

He expressed his gratitude to the National Ministry of Health and UNIECF for bringing the supplies to the hospital.

“I am happy the National Ministry of Health and big partner UNICEF managed to send our drug supplies,”

Peter Bol, a resident of Pariang Town confirmed that the drug medicines are enough to prevent a shortage again.

“I am happy now because nobody will go to Pariang market to take some treatment, our drugs are enough for us, Peter explained.

The hospital has been without essential drug supply for the last eight months.

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