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Inadequate energy impedes development–Makuei  

By William Madouk

Minister of Information, Michael Makuei has emphasized the need for a reliable power source over generators to spur economic development in the country.

“The first thing that we ought to do is to ensure that we are connected to a reliable source of energy. It is not sufficient for us to administer South Sudan through generators,” said Makuei, while addressing the delegates at the National Economic Conference yesterday.

“And this is why the communication sector is costly because we are using generators. Why are we not making use of hydro or solar panels? We have enough sun that can generate for us enough energy without the use of generators,” he added.

According to Makuei, a reliable source of energy would reduce the cost of communication and smooth operations in other sectors.

“We will not be connected and we will not progress, there will be no economic development because, without all this, nothing can happen. Without the technology developed, we will not progress” he noted.

Mr. Makuei explained the importance of integrating e-government efforts into the national development framework, thereby fostering South Sudan’s evolution into a global, digital economy.

That would develop a comprehensive policy framework that integrates various aspects of policy-enabled digital transformation, including innovation, innovation promotion, and digital infrastructure.

“Ensure that policies are coherent, adaptable, and aligned with the country’s economic goals. Startup support: Create an ecosystem conducive to startups and entrepreneurship by providing access.”

“As South Sudan navigates the digital journey, a comprehensive and adaptive policy framework will be the cornerstone in unlocking the full potential of digital transformation for the prosperity and well-being of the nation,” he said.

The government spokesperson emphasized that there’s a need to implement initiatives to break the digital divide by ensuring affordable internet access and providing digital literacy programs.

“This will empower marginalized populations and enhance overall digital participation. Formulate robust data governance policies that prioritize data privacy, security, and responsible usage,” Makuei cited.

According to him, policy-enabled digital transformation holds immense potential to propel South Sudan’s economic growth and development across diverse sectors.

“By embracing digital technologies and ensuring supportive policies, the country can stimulate innovation, enhance productivity, access global markets, create jobs, fuel nature, entrepreneurship, develop vital infrastructure, harness data-driven decision-making, and ensure inclusive growth.”

Mr. Makuei was giving a presentation on Empowering digital transformation: E-government, policy, concept and authority dynamic in South Sudan’s journey toward digital economy at the economic conference.



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