News, Northern Bahr el-ghazal

Residents urged to report crimes

By Hou Akot Hou

Police in Northern Bahr El Gazal state is urging local residents to cooperate and report crimes.

In the last week, the state, especially Aweil town has witnessed a series of thefts, looting at gunpoint and other crimes.

Captain Guot Guot Akol, the police spokesperson, stated that such crimes are increasing, urging residents to contain these incidents and ensure the protection of lives and property.

“Some incidents which are more perplexing are occurring this week. Looting, theft and robberies are happening a lot. We encourage as individuals of this state in order to contain them,” he cautioned.

He stressed that the state government cannot arrest criminals without evidence to bring them to court.

He emphasized the responsibility of citizens to keep providing information to help identify and prosecute criminals.

“It is your responsibility as citizens of this state and the country to keep providing information to us. Anything authentic can make these criminals face the music” he stressed.

A recent incident in Malith-Alek-Yai involved a man being put at gunpoint, leading to a fatal accident.

These incidents are attributed to economic turmoil in the Payams and towns of the state.

The police urge residents to keep providing accurate information to help combat these crimes.


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