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Aweil North receives motorboat

By Hou Akot Hou

Aweil North County commissioner in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State (NBGs) received a motorboat that will help civilians cross the Nyamel River and save lives.

Commissioner Kiir Chan Wol, who received the boat at Nyamlel River on Saturday, said the motorboat delivered to them will serve the residents of Majak Baai in Malual West Payam, and the locals of Nyamlel in Aweil West County will use the boat collectively.

The residents received the boat with ululation from the women and youth, who said their lives have been affected by the lack of boats as more than five people drowned last year when the Nyamel River got full.

The commissioner said that he is overwhelmed by the gift of the motorboat by the state government to his Aweil County residents and the residents of Aweil West County.

“I am delighted to have received the boat from my residents of Malual West Payam in Majak-baai,” he said. “It worries people a lot when the river submerges the little children, and the women drown. Now it will ease the transportation of people and goods across the river.”

According to Chan, five people drowned last year.

One of the residents, Adut Deng, a woman who has a restaurant in MaJak-baai, said she will be crossing the river to go to the other side to collect fish for her business to flourish.

“This is a great help. It will boost the work of businesspeople like me who will be using it to go to the river to get fish, as it will not complicate our work any longer,” she noted.

With the help of the boat and the bridge that have been established in Nyamlel, residents say it will be easier for them to transport goods and people to support their livelihood.


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