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NilePet donates to the needy

By Rebecca Athiang Bol

Nile Petroleum Company, a national oil and gas company, has donated some food items to orphans and widows at Juba Orphanage Home.

The items include maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, and wheat flour, among others, for the orphans and the needy, like widows, among others.

Speaking at an event organized by the Nile Petroleum Operating Company, Eng. Stanslaus Tombe, the director for exploration and production, who represented the managing director, Eng. Benerd Amour Makeny, appreciated the caretaker father of the orphans.

He said, “Nilepet works together with the government to support where there is a need, like donating food of different varieties like those ones in the picture to orphans, widows, and many more”.

On behalf of the Nilepit Managing Director, Eng. Tombe gave a vote of thanks to the two ladies, Mama Mary and Mama Abuk, and the organization that is behind the lobby to donate to the orphanage center.

“I personally thanked you for the observation and for having motherly hearts. Your efforts and endurance will not be forgotten by Nilepet, and I wish you to continue with the same spirit,” he said.

Eng. Tombe urges the two women to also approach their companies for support, like Dar Petroleum, Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN), and many more.

This is not the first time Nilepet has supported the Juba Orphanage Centre this year, and it is willing to avail more support to the orphans, said Tombe.


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