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There are years that bring you joy, there are those that make you cry

The man above the skies is good most times. You know how you go to bed in the evening, and you just wake up in the morning without an alarm. You know how the race started, how your parents met. If your parents hadn’t met, who knows you could have been born. You could have been born a rat or maybe another animal without a name.

There is no doubt that we don’t know how your grandparents met but something tells us that it was planned. If you don’t know how it was planned, it should not worry you because it won’t add up here.

The story of mankind is that of pain and disappointment. It doesn’t end well and that is why at the end of this journey, people must shed tears.  If we lose a loved one, it reminds us of the inevitability of death and the little time that we have.

It also acts, as a reminder that there will come a time when you wish you had treated people well or if you had lived your life a certain way and it would be late. For most people with money and houses, they think their money is everything. I agree, money is everything and you know how it is to have nothing but there comes a time when money won’t be of help to you. That is why we need to be kind to others sometimes; this world can accommodate all of us if we stop being too greedy.

Life is not kind. If you have been to the hospital, a refugee camp, or a cemetery, you will learn how one event can change the entire course of your life. You cannot control these events. They don’t control these events. It could happen that as you are driving on the road, a drunk driver rams into your car and leaves you dead.

You can be a good citizen; poor but happy where you are and guess what? Two politicians logged horns and you become a refugee forever. You can be a healthy young person pursuing a great career and maybe one day, you get diagnosed with a life-threatening ailment.

For most people, as they navigate the rough terrains, there is this belief that all the dots will eventually connect if you hold there.  You do everything to be a better person and of course to change a thing or two about yourself or your family. For some people, they came from families where nothing worked well for four generations.

Maybe you are the first person to have graduated in your family or perhaps the first to land a good job. If you don’t know, many people have heartbreaking stories, of triumphs and disappointments.

I have seen days of complete happiness, days of graduation ceremonies, job celebrations and marriages but I have also witnessed first-hand, burials, deaths, and extreme poverty. This is life. You don’t control almost anything. You know of people who worked so hard to reach a certain destination but before they live to witness the victory, something comes along and changes the story.

There are times when things compound, when everything is just going well according to plan and there also come times when life goes dark, and you are just left in shock. Some situations will build your resilience, and some will bring you tears to your eyes.

You know the days you spent in college, with friends, and the times you spent with the family when all was fine, but you know the time in the hospital and how you wish you could reverse the situation only to be laughed at by the realization that you can’t change anything. It is always a journey of self-discovery.

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