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Brutal mother nails daughter

By Hou Akot Hou

Tonj town in Warrap state of South Sudan on Monday morning woke up to a shock as a woman hammered 6-inch nails into her daughter’s feet over an accusation of roaming in the neighborhoods.

The brutal mother identified as Adeng Garang, who is also pregnant, is suspected to have acted toward her six-year-old daughter in such a cruel manner, out of frustration.

An eyewitness told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone that the incident took the state residents by surprise as it was too bizarre for a parent to act that way.

The mother nailed both feet of her daughter, as shown in the photo above, allegedly as a disciplinary measure after she came back from the market and found the girl was not at home.

“She came back from the market and found out that the child was not at home. This made her think of doing that by nailing her. It is worth a shocking event and more information will unfold as to why she holds such grudges against her own child” the eyewitness narrated.

Sympathizers rushed the young girl to a health facility for treatment where medical officials were providing her treatment.

Meanwhile, Warrap state police commissioner, Maj. Gen. Mayuol Abet confirmed the incident, saying the woman had warned her daughter against going to eat in the neighborhoods.

According to the police, the suspect has been arrested and is in detention for investigation.

In a similar scenario, nearly five months ago, a girl lost both of her eyes after refusing a suitor of her father’s choice.

The father of the girl in Tonj East County gouged off the eyes of his daughter, saying he didn’t want her to admire other men.

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