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Mothers urged not to ignore immunization

By Hou Akot Hou

Director of the Expanded Programme for Immunization (EPI) in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Mr. Santino Ngong Chan, is encouraging lactating mothers of children under five to complete their children’s immunization course.

In a live talk show on Akol Yam FM in Aweil Town on Monday, Ngong reported numerous cases of women in remote villages refusing to immunize their children for the full course due to various reasons.

The EPI official asserted that they have been getting some mothers who bring their children to the health centers for vaccination once or twice and never turn up again.

“At times, a woman comes once and takes time to return, as some of them are illiterate and don’t know the date they could return. Just ask the person or your child to show you what is written on the vaccination card,” said Ngong.

He said they have health workers under the Boma Health Initiative who could help remind them (mothers) about the dates they could return with their children for vaccinations.

“The BHWs are helpful staff as they are volunteering to move from door to door. Always consult them to tell you when you can return,” Ngong advised the lactating mothers.

He said, “These vaccines are being put in a cool chain where they could expire, and if you go back with your child, then your child can still be vaccinated if you bypassed two days without a vaccination date that was intended for injection,”

Doctor Wol Aken, a primary health care officer in the state reiterated their continuous efforts to reduce cases of children contracting paralysis and other diseases.

He said they have collaborated with international partners in delivering such health services to children across the state.

Newborns and under-fives are being injected with BCG injection and other preventive vaccines to promote health and productivity in society.

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