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Why I think God is still on holiday

When I look in the mirror in the morning, I see myself and sometimes, I don’t. I feel like there is someone I haven’t become. And each day, I try to put one leg ahead to find this person, and then the second leg keeps getting farther behind.

I run, I chase, and it would be like I’m walking backward, in most cases, I forget that I’m carrying a bag heavier than myself with a number of problems. I don’t want to drop the bag. It is the reason why I’m not resting. I searched for myself, to the depth of my soul. And each day, I come out with one reason to smile and two different reasons to cry, and then God laughs at me, that men don’t cry, they try.

We all try most cries. Some die trying, others make it but they still die. That is why nothing makes sense. This life is a journey from birth to death, but we are not so sure what happens between the B and D. But for those who have lived long enough, they know what it means to be alive. The struggle starts from the hospital, a midwife fails to use the right procedure and you are lost in the process.

Your mom cried for the loss, the midwife still gets paid for her work, and then she wipes her tears.  She has no control, after all, it was not her mistake, things just happened. God will bring another child, what we don’t know is whether the child will end up in a rehab center for abusing drugs or as an upright child.

We don’t know if he will live, you know we still have a long way to go. It doesn’t end here. As you grow up, you see the world in black and white.  In your neighborhood, there is this person who constantly prays for the next meal. At the far end, there is another man who is purchasing a villa in Paris.

You see extreme poverty and then, you witness a world with so much.  The struggle gets harder as you go against the tides. Now you think going to church will give you some relief, and then you realize that the so-called men of God want your money, that God doesn’t care about you but your pocket. You must give him all that you have.

The reason why you are not progressing is not a curse, but it is God who is angry with you because you have not been giving him your money. You don’t have to forget that these men of God are driving expensive cars, and they are not using the old version of the bible, they use I-pads, you would be wrong if you think that the money that is collected in the house of God should be given to the poor.

The world gets refined as you grow older, you listen to certain stories, and you couldn’t believe it. Why does God allow certain things to happen when he would have acted to rescue the situation?

There is this story of a man who fell from the 47th floor of a New York City skyscraper and lived to tell the story. But you know what, he didn’t fall down alone; he was with his brother, the brother died instantly from a 500-foot fall in 2008.

Moreno broke both legs, his right arm and wrist had severe injuries in his chest, abdomen, and spinal column, and almost every part of him was bleeding. But doctors were able to piece his body back together again, one operation at a time.

Doctors told him that he was a walking miracle. But he doesn’t consider himself a miracle because he lost his brother. You know of the time when everyone is in the car that is about to overturn and how they would be praying to God to save them and only two would survive on board. But you know, these people wanted to live. They prayed to God, but nothing worked.

Nobody would ask God to take him or her if they were given a chance, but sometimes we don’t understand how miracles work. It is a journey that will take a lifetime; this is why I think God is still not yet at work. He is still on holiday. I hope that he will get back to work soon and all will be well.

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