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Justice Ministry receives two bills

By Bida Elly David

National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) has submitted the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Relief and Rehabilitation Act, 2016 (Amendment Bills), 2023 to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

The two bills were submitted to expedite the implementation of the Revitalized agreement as the roadmap’s deadline approaches.

Speaking to journalists after the handing over, Gichira Kibara the chairperson of the committee said all necessary amendments for the two bills were done and ready to be tabled before Cabinet.

“Within the NGO Act, the purpose of the amendment is to ensure that the NGOs have an enabling environment to be able to operate without disruption,” he said.

Gichira said NGOs ought to have a positive ecosystem to undertake projects for the benefit of the people of South Sudan.

The amendment of the NGO Act, according to Gichira will also ensure clear registration processes and how their Activities can be governed.

He noted that the NGO Act permits organizations to appeal in case they are denied access to registration by the authority.

“They have provisions of appeal to the Minister of Justice to make sure their registration is not denied. We also provided them to make an annual report to the commission to ensure that their financial activities are carried out,” he said.

On the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Act (RRC), Gichira noted that few changes were made particularly the process of appointing commissioners as stated in the agreement.

“The commissioners are supposed to be appointed by the president in consultation with the vice president as required by the agreement. The commission is not supposed to be restructured since it is more effective in carrying its functions,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Isaac Gabriel Awow Aban, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice appreciated the NCAC for the good job of submitting the two bills.

He said the NGO Act according to its amendment provides provisions that secure 30% for female appointment.

“The Act also streamlined the process of appointment which includes citizens who can get chance to be employed,” Isaac said.

He said that the RRC Act also set to regulate the operations of the NGOs in South Sudan.

The commission will regulate and oversee the Activities of the NGOs countrywide.

The National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) is a body established under Chapter 1, Article 1.18 of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

The core Mandate of the committee is to incorporate the peace Agreement into the Constitution and draft amendments to other relevant legislation to conform to the agreement.

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