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Laziness means resting before tiring

The world has become so lazy that success which was created to be achieved through hard work is now achieved through laziness means such as superstition. The laziness and hurriedness of 21st-century children have led to much dependence on magical powers to speed up their successes. The emergence of illuminati has ended the conflict between laziness and hard work in favour of laziness. I call it a conflict because hard work and laziness are not found in one person.

In the beginning, the world was colonized by hard work, completely exiling laziness to live at the edges of the world where it grew gigantic and trained more forces that overthrew hard work a few years back. This came as a result of the production of lazy 20th-century children who later gave birth to lazier 21st-century children. As laziness presides over, its policies are mistrust, corruption, lack of self-confidence, selfishness, incompetence and sinning.

I know I have offended to reveal this, but the truth shall set me free. Leadership or wealth nowadays is never struggled for, but lazily sped up with magical powers. There exist people who underestimate their strength and capability and resort to trying many earthly ways once their main agenda of life fails to work out. The very power to keep these people on the right way is the power of God. If one looks closely at the fruits of hard work and patience, they exactly look like those brought by God, very peaceful and long-lasting, compared to ill-gotten fruits of impatience which carry curses at the end.

Let us turn away from sins and have confidence and trust in ourselves to work hard for our success. People who have struggled for their successes excel in them and are the ones to follow in their footsteps because they have confidence and trust in themselves. The lazy people wanting, for instance, to grasp leadership from hard work leaders often say, after their failure, that they have cemented themselves in leadership with magical powers, instead of blaming themselves for laziness.

Catalysts of acquiring leadership or wealth are not magical powers but commitment and persistence to continue chasing your chosen dreams without shortcuts. As life is a journey, dreamers must not branch and follow narrow confusing roads, but rather keep journeying along the highway to reach their God-prepared success in peace. In fact, the pure journey to success is longer but safer compared to an accelerated journey by magic powers whose impacts are always trans-generational.

In conclusion, there are people who rest before they have even started chasing their life dreams while other people take rest shortly after sensing the dangers of success. This is laziness. As obvious as the fact that failure runs simultaneously with dreamers, it is to be known that it is during rest that failure strikes dreamers and has their weapons scattered so that success becomes unachievable.

The consequences of resting are numerous, ranging from trivial to the most severe ones. One of them is that there are dreamers whose followers never succeed, if such dreamers are behind you, you can never rest otherwise you may have the whole process wasted. Other dreamers kick back their co-dreamers as they travel along, such dreamers should not have waited to travel with them. Never take rest even if resting is prescribed by your doctor as the cure for your sickness.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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