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Taxpayers given ultimatum

By Mamer Abraham

Taxpayers have until the end of today, Friday 15th September, to pay their taxes or be subject to penalties, the National revenue has warned.

Commissioner-general of the National Revenue Authority, Athian Diing Athian issued the ultimatum to taxpayers, urging them to clear taxes, immediately.

The categories include sales tax, excise tax, personal tax (withholding on wages), and personal income tax for entrepreneurs.

“You are kindly reminded to submit your returns and settle your tax liabilities, including any arrears, on or before the above-specified date in order to avoid penalties, interest, and any associated inconveniences,” he stated in a statement seen by this outlet.

The notice warned that once the deadline elapsed, the government would go after the taxpayers in a bid to give to the government what belongs to it.

“The National Revenue Authority hereby notifies taxpayers that after the above date, a campaign to enforce recovery of unpaid taxes shall be mounted without any further note. NRA officers will carry out enforcement visits at taxpayers’ premises in order to recover any debt due to the government,” the NRA boss added.

In July 2023, Commissioner-General Athian urged the expeditious construction of a tax administration institute to offer training to tax officers for increasing non-oil revenue collection across the country.

Athian stated that the institute would improve the capacity of National Revenue Authority staff and limit the waste of resources abroad.

Upon his swearing-in in June, the commissioner-general promised a whopping SSP 40 billion monthly collection towards the end of the financial year.

He vowed to take robust steps to ensure the NRA strengthens domestic taxation and catches a lot of taxpayers in the private and public sectors.


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