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Free Fistula operation starts in Rumbek

By Yang Ater Yang

National Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Lakes State Ministry of Health and partners, has started a 10-day fistula operation treatment camp in the Rumbek State Hospital.

Dr. Barnaba Bol Amukpiu, acting director general of the Lakes State Ministry of Health, stated that the state has been requesting such a service for a long time, stating they lack experts to handle such medical complications.

Fistula is a complication resulting from childbirth; it is where an opening occurs between the vagina and the urethra bladder.

Dr. Bol said this is a very disturbing condition that happens to women.

“So, we are very happy, and we thank the National Ministry of Health and those NGOs who have cooperated to come to us here to do this important operation,” said Bol.

“That fistula campaign and operation are going on now, and we ask them to come. This is our message to all counties in Lakes State, chiefs, and the community to inform those women to come very urgently”.

Akec Deng Khon is the national coordinator for fistula.

Khon said so far, they have screened 13 patients for the past two days, and they have also done operations on five patients, adding that they also received six (6) more patients Monday Morning.

Patients are reportedly flocking to Rumbek State Hospital to receive the free medical service.

“We started the campaign with a radio talk show yesterday. We are receiving many patients, and today we will again have a radio talk show. The surgery is ongoing, and we are going to be here for 10 days,” said Dr. Khon.

He is urging the public to inform the people who are suffering from fistulas so that they come to the hospital and benefit from the free service in the state hospital.”

Patients attending fistula treatment shall get free operation, free drugs, free feedings and accommodation.

Doctor Terran Madit Terran, medical director of Rumbek State Hospital, acknowledged that the team of surgeons started performing surgeries for the fistula patients yesterday.

“We are starting with 5 patients, and they already started the surgery, but the total is 17 patients, but we are expecting so many patients with fistula cases to come from across the whole Lakes State.”

According to Dr. Madit, previously, they used to gather patients and send them to Juba for operation.

“So, I just wanted to thank the national ministry of health and also the state leadership of health for the great work they have done in terms of coordinating and lobbying for these very important events to happen in Lakes State,” he noted.


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