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Minister calls for computerization of pension system

By Charles K Mark

South Sudan National Minister of Public Affairs has called for digitalization of the pension system to safeguard files and ensure senior citizens receive their benefits.

Speaking during the launch of the South Sudan Pensioners’ Association (SSPA), Minister Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro says the exercise enhances safety of files.

“Remember with the war and what is happening in Khartoum, if the world continues the way it is, I don’t think some of these civil servants will see their files in the future,” Bakasoro said.

The Public Service minister believes digitalization ensures access to digital files even after file destruction and suggests that increased awareness is needed to understand pension systems, particularly in South Sudan, to ensure continued access.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Public Service and Development in Parliament, Justin Joseph Marona said many pensioners have passed away without getting their benefits.

“A country without caring for pensions is a country that will not dignify its people,” Marona remarked.

He stated that the Committee for Public Service and Development aims to strengthen the public sector reform and pension system.

“We have worked diligently to make sure that these two years to make sure that the rights of the pensioners in enshrined and people talk about it,” The Chairperson revealed.

Discussions are ongoing as to whether pensions in South Sudan can be decentralized, according to Mr. Marona.

He thinks that due to potential instabilities, the county cannot yet decentralize its pension system.

According to legal advisor Monica John Majok, the newly formed pensioners’ association requires significant improvement in the welfare of its members.

“Many of them are not even aware that there is something called a pensions fund or pensions association,” Majok said.

According to Majok, there is need to carry out awareness so that the pensioners are informed of their benefits.

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