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South Sudan gets Thuraya agent

By William Madouk

Gate for Technologies (G4T) has been appointed as a new agent for the United Arab Emirates satellite services operator Thuraya in South Sudan.

This was revealed on Tuesday during the official launch of Thuraya in the country under the theme “Thuraya connecting the people of South Sudan.”

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Information, the Managing Director of the Media Authority, Elijah Alier, said Thuraya would now be covering the gap where access is not yet reached.

“I am impressed that they are coming with the technology whereby you could be able to access communication, not only when you have Thuraya, but will be able to enhance means and where you will be able to talk wherever mobile network operators, or MNOs, have not yet reached,” said Alier.

“G4T being the official agent in South Sudan for Thuraya will enhance connectivity, and this will help us as the country, as investors and the business community will be able to benefit from this,” he added.

According to Alier, this would address some of the challenges facing the communication sector in the country.

He stressed that the long procedures to acquire Thuraya will not be there anymore.

Thuraya is a United Arab Emirates-based regional mobile satellite service (MSS) provider.

The company operates two geosynchronous satellites and provides telecommunications coverage in more than 161 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North, Central, and East Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Napoleon Adok Gai, the Director General at the National Communication Authority, said as South Sudan lags behind in the telecommunications sector, Thuraya has been there to bridge the gap.

“We know that Thuraya has helped us a lot, especially in South Sudan, where communication remains a challenge in many parts of our country,” he added. “Until today, we still believe 60% of our country is still inaccessible and has no communication.”

Mr. Gai added that Thuraya communication remains very expensive but extremely necessary, especially in humanitarian interventions, asserting that the availability of communication at times determines life or death for people.

According to him, the idea was to domesticate Thuraya, regulate it and have sales and service points in the country so that citizens would have service at their fingertips.

“We will be able to know now who is responsible for Thuraya in our country. We will be able to know with whom we should talk to discuss the issues related to tax,” he noted.

“If anyone is using Thuraya to commit a crime, we know now to whom we go to inquire that this is happening and who is the user of this phone. So that person must comply with the law,” he stressed.

The Vice President for Middle East and Africa, Eng. Ammar Alnuaimi, who spoke on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer said they came to South Sudan to expand their Thuraya network and services.

He underscored that this would foster development and investment opportunities between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the General Manager for G4T, David Garjang, urged companies, businesspeople, and individuals who might need Thuraya or its services to reach their offices.

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