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Islamic Council lauds leadership

By Bida Elly David

Islamic Community has praised the South Sudan government for ignoring religious discrimination in the appointment of leadership.

The praise came after the appointment of Abraham Goc as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

In a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Cooperation Affairs and International Cooperation, Sheikh Abdallah Baraj, the secretary general of the council said the appointment of Goc was an indication that the government is for religions.

He said the Islamic community is proud to see three of their representatives in the top leadership of the Country and international arena.

Sheikh Abdallah added that the appointment of Goc in the foreign ministry will clear off global allegations on the government against religious discrimination.

“Hon. Goc is representing us in this high position, we are telling the world that allegations by people against South Sudan that the country segregates its people based on religious is not true, we say loudly that we have a Deputy Minister, Vice President and Presidential Security Advisor” he added.

Baraj added that “South Sudan doesn’t consider religion as a barrier when holding positions, but based on merits, Muslim Community will play a role in building, developing, and delivering service in South Sudan,’’

He stressed that the religious community and civil society complement the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through public diplomacy.

The council advised Hon. Goc to showcase South Sudan’s tolerant culture and religious coexistence during his visits to Arab and Islamic countries, showcasing his wisdom.

They urge Minister Goc to guarantee equal rights for citizens regarding their duties and obligations.

Meanwhile, Ramadan Goc, affirmed that South Sudanese society is a tolerant society in regard to religion, as there are individuals in the same family who embrace different religions and beliefs.

Meanwhile, Ramadan Goc emphasized that South Sudanese society is tolerant towards different religions and beliefs, as individuals within the same family can embrace different practices.

The South Sudan government, according to the Constitution, allows citizens freedom of worship and promotes peace without religious discrimination.

Goc believes South Sudan will become an exemplary African country for all religions and promises to use divine wisdom to serve the nation at the internal segment.

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