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Butchers protest price control

By Hou Akot Hou

Butchers in Aweil town in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state of South Sudan are protesting a directive from the municipal authorities asking them to reduce meat prices.

On Tuesday, the town council issued an Order for butchers to reduce the prices of beef and mutton.

Mr. Garang Akec Deng, the leader of the butchers in Aweil town, told journalists that they don’t have any reason to continue working as inflation is biting hard.

“We are like other business owners in town, and this is not working any longer. The meat of a cow is said by the council to be sold at 1,000 SSP, and we need it to be sold at 3,000 SSP. What can we gain from such a business? he questioned.

Another butcher, Lual Garang Atak, said they have requested the town mayor to rethink their order for them to continue working and call them for a meeting once again.

He added that they are not going to get any benefit if asked to continue working under such directives.

For his part, the Aweil town mayor, Mr. Dut Mou, said on Wednesday that they are going to have another consultation with the butchers so that they reverse their decision.

“It is going to be another consultation meeting so that they know why they made such a decision. If they say that we are pushing hard against their work, then we will tell them in a meeting next week,” said Dut.


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