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Boy drowns in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

A 10-year-old boy who went missing for a week was found floating in a pool known as “Hafiir,” where he was reportedly swimming.

The deceased was identified as Garang Dut Deng.

Abuk Garang, the relative of the late boy, told this outlet that they don’t know how the boy lost his life as he was found floating in the pool.

“We have been searching for him for about six days, and the other boys found him in the pool (Haffiir) for days. It is something very saddening indeed,” said Abuk.

She noted that the boy does not know how to swim.

Madut Deng, another resident of Aweil Centre County, said they have been telling the residents around the pool to prevent their children from swimming in the pool as the water is stagnant.

“We have been asking the parents and the adults to always be vigilant so that their children never go and swim in such pools. It is a great loss as a family of Dut Deng,” he empathized.

This latest death adds to a series of drowning-related deaths that have been reported in the state.



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