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Lakes state loses radio presenter to accident

By Yang Ater Yang

Road accident has claimed the life of an artist, a presenter, at Radio Rumbek FM 98.0 station, in Lakes state.

The deceased, Marial Matirah Nyuon, commonly known by his stage name, Chimayuen, died at Rumbek State hospital.

He was traveling on motorcycle from Pacong, Rumbek East County and got accident in Manga Malou at 7:00 pm, Saturday. Chimayuen was rushed to Rumbek State hospital where medics pronounced him dead, on Sunday morning.

Rumbek State hospital Medical director in charge of surgical team, Dr. Terran Madit Terran said the patient brought when unconscious.

He said the condition was critical, though the surgical team carried basic emergency assistance to control convulsions and administered some medications, all didn’t help.

According to the medical director, the team tried its best but the case required head scan.

A preliminary medical examination showed severe head injury and suspected neck problem that caused the death of the presenter.

Lakes State police spokesperson, Elijah Mabor Makuac referred to the incident as sad and unfortunate.

“It’s very unfortunate and sad report we received this morning that one of our local journalist and artist, Marial Matirah had an accident and he died,” he said.

The police suspect the accident occurred due to overspending.

“The contributors to such accidents are always related to high speed. When you are riding a motorbike on high speed until you are not able later if there is something coming across you on road or you may suddenly approach the holes. You will not be able to control yourself and it can lead to such unfortunate incidents”, he said.

Makuac advises motorists to be careful while traveling

“I am advising people to at least to ride a motorbike or vehicle with cautious” he said.

The police spokesperson urges road users to use a minimum speed instead of maximum one, which may result to deadly accidents.

Meanwhile, Director General of the ministry of information in Lakes state, Moses Malok Mabeny describes the dead of the radio presenter as a loss to the state.

“We lost this important Radio Rumbek FM presenter, Marial Matirah Nyuon. He was a presenter of English news. We are mourning,” he said.

Malok conveys condolence message to the people, family, friends and the entire Lakes State upon the death of the presenter.

Lakes State local artists’ association chairman, Gabriel Manyiel Dhuor mourns the unfortunate loss of his colleague in road accident.

He urges all the artist and general public to converge to console the bereaved family and give late Chimayuen a befitting send off.

Dhuor recounts that Chimayuen, who joined music industry 2013, has been inspirational until his last day.

Late Chimayuen, or C9N as others preferred to call him, will be remembered in music industry for his popular “I want my love, I want good life and bring her” songs, among others.




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