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Activist calls for complete implementation of the agreement

By Mamer Abraham

Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani, has called for complete implementation of the peace agreement.

Yakani’s statement follows the statement by the national minister for information, Michael Makuei Lueth, that the forces would be deployed without commanders due to delayed opposition group list submissions.

Makuei also said some conditions were not important for elections, including a census, the repatriation of refugees, and a permanent constitution.

The information minister said the country would use the 2010 constituencies, emphasizing that voluntary repatriation of refugees should not be forceful but voluntary, and that the permanent constitution would be completed by the elected parliament because the current parliament was not elected.

But Yakani said implementing part of the agreement was not healthy and therefore the agreement should be respected, including the voices of the parties to the agreement.

“I will say first that it’s important to ensure that the requirement for the agreement is respected, and that means everybody has to be in their duty to finalize everything. I am more or less in favor of letting us do things systematically and doing things as required by the agreement,” Yakani said.

“To do it partially or impartially is not healthy. So, for me, any impartial move is not healthy. I wish that they should complete everything and do things once and for all.”

He urged the president to work towards the swift reconstitution of political transitional institutions to create an enabling environment for the forthcoming general elections.

“If His Excellency the President arrives today or tomorrow, among his immediate actions he should take is the reconstitution of political transitional institutions. These institutions are very important to start building the foundation for the creation of an environment conducive to elections,” he concluded.

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