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SPLM youth leader accused of double-dealing

By Deng Athian

Aweil East County SPLM youth members have accused their chairman, Garang Mou Anyar of being an active member of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) and have called for his removal.

The youth who raised the complaint wrote a petition for his dismissal.

The petition letter accused the SPLM Youth Chairman of receiving a car from South Sudan’s Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi on the ticket of the South Sudan Patriotic Movement to facilitate party activities in the state, an allegation Mou denied.

Mr.  Mou was further accused of failing to promote the party’s vision and mission in Aweil East County, which the youth said would result in a narrow chance of winning majority votes in the 2024 General elections.

The youth also accused their chairman of having abused the powers to forcefully take the vehicle disposed of by the International NGO in Malualkon, Aweil East county in the name of the party and sold it away.

In response, Mr. Mou denied being a member of the SSOA and urged those who are complaining to produce evidence or else he would take legal action against the claims.

Mr. Garang stated that his office has educated the public about the SPLM’s strategies for revitalizing peace agreements and the importance of holding general elections in 2024 to end the transit government in South Sudan.

“We are in the implementation of signed agreements and we are doing this through information sharing with communities. So, everyone who doubts what we are doing can produce the evidence but not assumptions,” Mou said.

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