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  All we had was a little cup of hope

There are things I didn’t know, but growing up and life has come to teach me so harshly. I came to realize, somehow, lately, in my younger life, that God could put a smile on your face for one month and then take that smile away for years.

He will then take you on a long journey through the desert, or maybe invite you for a hide-and-seek game. This time, if you are weak, you will eventually give up because it will take you years to find the truth. There are times when a man feels like crying, and he finds himself laughing.

You know, I have been on this journey to find myself and it has never been easy for me. This is what I have been doing for my 25 years of life. I really don’t know when I will find that man in me. I feel lost. The young man in me keeps wondering why life is black and white. Sometimes I find myself looking for God instead and he will refuse to see. God doesn’t make promises and when he does, it will take him years to fulfill those.

He makes a promise in 2023 and the promise will be fulfilled in 2030 when you have already forgotten. Sometimes, I get down on my knees, the other day, I am taken back to witness the painful realities of this life.

One time you are off, the other time, you are on. This is the story of mankind. The truth is that you don’t know what the future has in store for you. But in times of sorrow, one must also be prepared for the times of joy. When you are happy, there will come a time when this life makes you cry. Life just happens and you need to be prepared for that.

You know the story of the doctor who spent his life diagnosing, treating and breaking sad news to the families of the patient. You can imagine the time when the same doctor becomes a patient himself. He will never navigate life again as a doctor but as a patient facing his own mortality.

You should be careful how you handle this life. There will come a time in man’s life when he saves millions of dollars and there will also be times when that money won’t save his life when he needed it the most.

You are a healthy person going about with your life and one day, you wake up to a cancer diagnosis. This event will not only change your life but will teach you one lesson, it doesn’t matter how hard we try to change things, something will just prove us otherwise.

When you are comfortable now, it is always not the end, but God has to give you a break. To breathe for a moment, and then life goes on. Sometimes I don’t understand why science can’t tear down the wall between now and the future.

I wish we could travel far to the future and maybe change things, but you know what, this is going to be a chase after the wind because it won’t work.  This brings us to the finality of life, that as we go through life, we need to expect those twists and turns.  The journey doesn’t end.  In our case, we were given the cup of hope, and it was taken from us before we could make use of it. This tells us that all that we have will be taken away from us when we need it the most.

There are times when you will times when you will have friends and there will be times when they will not be there when you need them. For those with money, they know those who are in their lives are just there temporarily. The reality of who is truly for you is shown in times of crisis and sickness, this is when you know the real family and friends. But when you are rich, you really don’t have friends because those people there really know why they are with you. They will go when the boat capsizes.



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