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Dead suspect haunts police officer

By Hou Akot Hou

A suspect has left a police officer in trouble for using his riffle to commit suicide in Aweil East County of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

Despite his death, the ugly act of the suspect still haunts the police officer, who is being grilled by his superiors for allowing his riffle to be used for suicide.

The police officer’s woes stemmed on Sunday, when the deceased, 44-year-old, Kuol Deng, was held on adultery charges and detained at Wunlang Payam police cell.

After other inmates had left for work, the deceased, reportedly asked the police officer in charge, in disguise, to allow him to change his clothes, while his ulterior motive was to access a rifle.

On getting hold of the killer weapon, the suspect turned it to end his life, culminating in the arrest and detention of the police officer over the weekend.

Aweil East County Police Director, Pinyding Makuach Kuol is bewildered, saying it presented an unusual incident, in the county.

“The most common scenarios are those of people who hang themselves, but the rare case of an inmate killing himself with rifles is uncommon and uncalled for,” he lamented.

According to Pinyding, incidents where inmates commit suicide rarely occur, and he describes it as a cruel act.

Many people at Wunlang Payam apart from the police director, Pinyding, are shocked; though; another police officer now suffers from a crime committed by a dead suspect.

Last year, an old man in Madhol Payam, Aweil East County who was detained for refusing to marry off a girl to his son, committed suicide in detention.

The man committed suicide by hanging, using his own clothes after other prisoners were taken out for work and he was left alone in the cell.

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