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Raiders kill herder

By Yang Ater Yang

A herder was killed in a cattle theft incident in Amongpiny Payam of Rumbek Central County, Lakes State, on Tuesday.

The killers are suspected to be armed raiders from the neighboring Panyijiar County of Unity State.

Five cows were stolen from the deceased, which were later recovered by the local security forces.

Police spokesperson in Lakes State, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac said the theft occurred at night around 12:20 p.m. He noted that the security of the area is under threat from armed criminals.

“The criminals came into the house of a citizen identified as Marial Tokmac at Amongpiny Payam and stole five (5) heads of cattle,” said Maj. Mabor.

He said when the cattle owner tried to rescue his cattle, immediately the raiders shot him dead, and they went away with the five heads of cattle towards the forest in the direction of Panyijiar County.

The state police spokesperson stated that the information on the theft incidents quickly spread into the village, and the security forces that were in the area immediately rushed to pursue the criminals until later they clashed and rescued all the stolen cows.

Mabor regretted saying the area was still under threat.

“Even this afternoon, I received information that the same cattle that were raided and recovered from their hands again fell into an ambush, but they were being escorted by the security forces, and that’s where they could not manage to raid them again.” He said”.

Local security forces managed to bring the cattle back to their kraal.

“So, this is what happened, and he (the deceased herder) was killed in Amongpiny Payam, just near a police station. It is just a few meters, and that’s why security forces were able to quickly pursue them (the raiders) until they recovered the cattle. Mabor added.


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