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Three governors, chief administrator to face parliament

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan National Parliament has resolved to summon three governors and one chief administrator over severe insecurity in their respective regions.

This follows rampant incidents of insecurity across the country. Recently two women and 8 traders in Warrap State, were killed.

Tension between Jonglei State and the Greater Pibor administrative area over cattle raiding and child abduction has risen.

The MPs observed that the three governors of Warrap, Jonglei and Unity States as well as the chief of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area have failed to contain insecurity in their localities.

Lawmaker Gai Mayen Luk, representing Yirol East County in Lake State, stated ongoing conflicts between communities and states are primarily due to a lack of security forces.

“If the civilians are in possession of arms, then the government does not have the monopoly of forces anymore,” he said.

Gai said leadership’s weakness in finding amicable solutions to inter-communal violence in their areas has contributed to more killings and attacks.

Another legislator, Peter Lomude, representing Yei County noted that the ongoing conflict between the Jonglei government and GPAA is a result of political failure.

“This government seems not to be living to its mandate. We have a number of information over issues of killings all over the Country with focus to Jonglei, Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Warrap, and Unity states,” Peter said.

Lomude said the issue of insecurity does not only affect the three states and the administrative areas but many parts of South Sudan.

“We have Western Equatoria State, Eastern with numerous cases of attacks and death. The issue of insecurity in South Sudan is comprehensive,” he said.

Lomude said the ongoing issue of child abduction in Jonglei has been a prevalent issue that has existed for a longtime.

Lomude underscored the importance of implementing the agreement to ensure unified forces across the country.

“If we were too serious about the implementation of the agreement, by now we would have had our unified forces deployed all over the Country. Kajo-Keji is in problem over the same matter of fighting for their territory,” Lomude added.

Meanwhile, Hellen Nayidok representing Gumruk County of Greater Pibor Administrative said the conflict between Jonglei and GPAA has been a historical act.

“The history of cattle raiding and child abduction started back in the 1980s when South Sudan was not that stable. By that time hunger was too much that we could not handle,” Hellen said.

Nathaniel Oyet, the first deputy speaker suggested a need to include the national ministers of security, defense and interior in the summon.

The date for summoning the executive has not been confirmed.

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