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The previous me versus the current me

Having been born during the time when boyhood was measured by the number of fights a boy had caused and won, the number of boys he had wrestled down, common grazing lands he had taken his cattle to and other practices for fame, I suffered repercussions of these practices.

Imagine the forests were ruled by two Kings: The Lion and the Giant boy. One thing stood out, no Prince or Princess was crowned to take over, and so, anybody who became gigantic could automatically become the King. In my course of becoming the King, I sustained two fractures; radial and clavicular fractures, and when I became the King, tens of boys suffered, with some being tortured by me and others injured in the fights I sent them to as a King.

My father became a regular passenger to Yirol Market to buy medicines for treating the boys I used to injure, some advertently while others inadvertently. The parents of these boys hated me, and I hated them back.

When initiated, I managed to drop some crazy thoughts that would cause disunity among people and when I was moved to Yirol for studies, I updated my version of fame into overlooking, criticism, egoism, sectarianism and solitude, while keeping my rural behaviours for last resort.

Because I used to be among top 10 students in the class, I overlooked my classmates behind me and almost called them my tail. Whenever there was an argument, I could criticize as if I wasn’t born but just fell down from heaven, I praised myself, I only used to help those who hailed from where I hail from, and I preferred to stay alone.

A few friends who drew closer to me tried their very best to make me a people person, but I was rigid. Every day, if I wasn’t the first subject of discussion, then I couldn’t fail to be the second.

As an adolescent, I courted my girls and young women, and I was then hated more than I was hated before. One good thing in all this was that I was very smart in the causation of these troubles, in that, up to now, a few people are aware I was such a naughty young man.

Fortunately, age and studies never skip a day converting me into the enemy-free Malek Arol Dhieu I am today. Studies taught and kept teaching me that success is neither measured by intelligence in the class, how one criticizes, praises him/herself, or stays alone, but how one commits to the course he/she has chosen in life.

When I learned and believed in this, I realized that I was critically ill and so, I travelled to India within South Sudan for treatment. Having been treated successfully to love my neighbors more than myself, I regrettably went back to plant friendships wherever I had wronged and sacrificed myself to irrigate them to make sure none of them died off.

Then I turned to follow God by working for Him as He works with me for the betterment of mankind. Two years later, my friendships grew healthier and extensive, and it was during that time I started receiving medals of honour for the great changes in me.

Presently, I have grown to love humanity more than I’m required to love it, in that, when I find people whom survival challenges have maimed for life, my heart pours out in grief and sorrow to such an extent I sometimes weep over them unknowingly.

Within Yirol where I hail from, I’m always observed performing ambassadorial activities in peacemaking and consolation to make peace and friendships exist among the people. I’m happy to be the current Malek Arol Dhieu as what I do seems to benefit a considerable percentage of people.

To date, I have only remained with one enemy and this enemy is a failure. I swear by God that I will never accept to reconcile with failure although IGAD intervenes for mediation. I can’t go to Addis Ababa to sign peace with failure, NEVER. It is going to be my lifelong enemy.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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