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Persons with Disability receive wheelchairs

By Hou Akot Hou

At least 25 people with physical impairments in Aweil Town, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State of South Sudan, received wheelchairs from a national organization, last Friday.

The wheelchair donation is a kind gesture from the NGO to ease movement of persons with physical disabilities.

Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO), project officer, Akech Michael, told journalists that they had done assessments and learned that many people with physical disabilities are highly incapacitated and cannot do business as they crawl on the ground.

Michael disclosed that they have been collaborating with the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare, which helped them assess and find the real beneficiaries in the area.

“We have done many surveys and learned that many people are suffering in the state. So we managed to purchase for them the 25 wheelchairs that will facilitate their movements,” said Michael.

He stated that it is noteworthy that they (PWD) may be able to get to their farms with their wheelchairs, as well as if one needs to go and do some business in the town.

Michael said they will be moving into the counties as well to get other beneficiaries of this kind.

Garang Deng, one of the beneficiaries, said it was a good move taken by the organization, and he hopes that other people who have been suffering like them will get the same support.

“We have been crawling, and it has hardened and dirtied the hands. Even greeting someone while you have dust and sand in your hand has been shameful. Now we are going to be like other human beings,” he expressed.

The ministry of child and social welfare, along with other well-wishers like philanthropist Achai Wiir, helped some PWDs last year with tricycles, but some missed out on the services.

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