South Sudan to offer job opportunities to refugees

By Mamer Abraham

Northern Bahr El Ghazal state government in South Sudan has assured Sudanese refugees of job opportunities.

Dominic Kang Deng, the state minister for housing, land, and public utilities, told the media that refuges with qualifications will be offered jobs.

The minister said that the state government is willing to integrate Sudanese refugees in Wedwiel into the civil service, especially, in education sector as teachers.

“As our fellow South Sudanese were teaching in Sudan, and also, when they come here, instead of staying idly, it is better to give knowledge to the children. It is also better to help us. We are ready to take them to come and serve within our government,” said Kang, who briefed the national media on behalf of the governor.

According to the minister, many refugees holding PhDs, Master’s, Bachelor’s, diplomas, and certificate qualifications, could assist teaching, in the state.

He said the recent launched University of Northern Bahr el Ghazal could admit those in teaching profession, not as expatriates but just like South Sudanese.

“Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has now opened a new University in Northern Bahr el Ghazal. Now that people are starting to register, the admission has started. We need to see their qualifications,” Kang continued.

Some of over 9,000 refugees settling in Wedwiel camp are stranded in their current status as those who were employed lost jobs after war erupted in Khartoum.

As an end to the war that started on April 15, is yet clouded with uncertainties, Northern Bahr El Ghazel, the host state pledges to allot 400 square metres pieces of plot to refugees.

The piece of plot remains permanent land for each household and if the refugees return to Sudan, they would still be free to come back to South Sudan, if they desire.

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