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Kickboxing Federation appeals for cash support

By Manas James

South Sudan Kickboxing Federation (SSKF) is seeking financial assistance to secure the country’s participation in upcoming international tournaments.

The SSKF team appealed during a fundraising event at Juba’s Youth Training Center, where they showcased their talents to spectators.

Puro Okello Obob, the president of the federation, spoke to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper and highlighted the need for funds to support South Sudan’s involvement in international tournaments scheduled for December and March 2024.

He expressed concern over the lack of financial support from the government and corporate companies, which could result in their inability to participate.

“This event serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about kickboxing in our country and shed light on our activities. Additionally, the purpose of this fundraiser is to generate funds since kickboxing currently lacks a budget from the government or any corporate entities,” Puro explained.

“We have an international event in Juba on December 2nd and later the All-African Games involving 54 or 55 African countries. The government and national Olympic committee must be involved to make these events possible.”

Puro emphasized the importance of participating in these upcoming events, highlighting that they are crucial for building upon the achievements South Sudan has made as the African Championships holder.

“For each individual trip to Accra, Ghana, for the All-African Games, we require $1200 USD. Accommodations and transportation costs also need to be considered, and our target is a team of either 16 or 8 individuals. The expenses are significant and cannot be covered by just $5000 or $10,000 USD. Furthermore, the event on December 2nd will feature participation from the Malaysian champions, requiring additional funding,” he added.

James Majok, Africa’s best fighter and a member of the SSKF, echoed his coach’s plea and called upon well-wishers to come to their aid.

“In Africa, we are now the leaders in kickboxing. Just like the Basketball Federation receives support, we also appeal for assistance in order to raise the flag of our country. South Sudan should be renowned for its talent, just as it is in basketball and kickboxing,” Majok said.

The SSKF’s appeal for financial support aims to secure South Sudan’s representation in international tournaments and further establish the country’s reputation in the kickboxing community.

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