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Central Bank’s Alic takes office

By Mamer Abraham


Incoming governor of the Bank of South Sudan (BoSS), James Alic Garang pledges to serve the country with modernity during his tenure of office.

The new governor promised to strive with his team to gear the bank towards autonomy.

“We look forward, I and my team pledge that we are going to emphasize an element of running a modern central bank and the last point is an element of seeking greater autonomy,” he said.

Alic asserted that his team would advance transparency in the Central Bank through effective communication.

“There will be the need to have effective communication, something that I believe the bank has already done, but under this leadership, we will pick it up,” he added.

The first deputy governor, who formerly served as one of the director generals, Samuel Yanga, sought from the staff before his new tenure.

“We will still work together, and you have to forgive me for what might have gone wrong when I was still the Director General. It was not my intention, but it was the regulations, but I love all of you,” he appealed.

Describing his previous job as both problem make and solving, Yanga promised to cooperate with the staff for the success of the bank and, entire nation.

“I am not new; I am the person who normally makes problems for the staff. Or I am the person who normally solves problems for the staff,” Yanga said while addressing the staff.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Deputy Speaker, Nyiel Gordon Kuol, appreciated the president for considering women in top management of Bank of South Sudan (BoSS).

“We are happy that at least we are being recognized today, and we have one member in the top management, and more is going to come. Let me say, as the law says, I competed in 65 percent,” she stated.

On Monday, Alic was appointed as the new bank governor to replace Johnny Ohisa Damian in a series of decrees that affected the top management of the Bank of South Sudan and partly the ministry of finance.

Addis Ababa Othow was relieved and replaced with Samuel Yanga Mikaya as the first deputy governor of the Central Bank.

John Machiek Achuoth was also relieved and replaced with Nyiel Gordon Kuol as the new 2nd deputy governor of the Bank.

South Sudan has been suffering from inflation and towering currency exchange rates that have affected the living standards of its citizens.

The bank has seen a lot of changes in its management in a bid to forge stabilization of the economy, but none has yet materialized, although the currency exchange rate has stagnated at SSP 100,000+ for a few months now.

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