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Three injured in fishing mishap

By Yang Ater Yang

Three fishermen were injured in Awerial County of Norther Bahr El Ghazel state, on September 30th when fighting erupted between two communities in a fishing camp called Wun Thou.

Wunthou is a fishing camp that the two communities of Bor and Awerial counties inhabited for fishing activities.

The incident began with sticks and later involved guns, leading to the shooting of two people, police spokesperson in Lakes State Elijah Mabor Makuac said.

He said two injured fishermen are from Awerial County of Lakes State and Bor County of Jonglei State.

Following the incident, the fishermen from Aliap were moved to Thou, while those from Bor were moved to Juk to settle there until a committee is formed to investigate the reasons behind the conflict.

In another incident, security forces in Mat-Bar recovered cattle from criminals who raided cattle there.

According to the police, the raiders fled after being stopped to explain themselves.

The cattle are currently under the custody of security forces waiting for rightful owners to identify them.

The owners of the cattle have not shown up, but the situation is expected to improve as someone who might have lost their cattle will go to identify them in the police diary.

Makuach said the security situation in Awerial County is normal.

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