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Businessman under investigation over abortion

By Hou Akot Hou


Police in Nyamlel town in Aweil West County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, are investigating a suspect accused of helping a young girl abort a fetus.

The suspect is identified as 25-year-old Thiep Thiep, a businessman.

He allegedly instructed the young lady, Angic Wei Atak, believed to be his girlfriend, to terminate the 8-month-old pregnancy last week.

Police said preliminary investigations found that the lady was lured by the accused person into aborting the foetus.

Lt. Colonel Philip Agany, the police detective who is handling the case, stated that the suspect admitted that he had an affair with the girl but didn’t cooperate in killing the baby.

Mr. Agany said the suspect first fled on hearing about the news of the abortion, a move that made him a prime suspect in the abortion case.

The police investigator noted that the suspect under custody will have to answer the charges brought against him in court to prove him either innocent or guilty.

“It is going to be the case with him. As his file is taken to the public attorney general to see to it that his charges are heard, he has to answer those issues” Lt. Colonel Agany disclosed

He urges the public to refrain from doing such an act, adding that abortion is not permissible under the South Sudan Constitution unless in situations of complication consented to by the woman and her spouse that might arise during birth.

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