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Deployment of forces on track, Lomuro

By Bida Elly David


National minister of cabinet affairs has said that the government is ready to deploy the first batch and graduate the second batch of the necessary unified forces.

Minister, Martin Elia Lomuro said that military requirements and food items for the processes have successfully been delivered to the training centers.

The minister was speaking during the 32nd meeting of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) held in Juba on Thursday.

He said that the government has already received 97 trucks of assorted food items and other issues of military items have been addressed.

“Food items and military requirements for deployment and graduation of phase two of the unified forces have been secured and delivered to the training centers,’’ he said

However, the minister did not specify the nature of military items that were procured for the Necessary Unified Forces to prepare them for deployment.

According to Lomuro, troops have started reporting to the training centers as security agencies prepare deployment lists to complete the process.

The minister did not disclose the actual commencement date for the deployment and graduation exercises.

He further stated that the second echelons of prison, wildlife, fire brigade, and national security have been agreed upon, except the army and police.

Minister Lomuro could not detail out reasons behind delays in the completion of the police and army echelons.

“For the army and the police, there are outstanding issues and we believe they are in progress to be completed,’’ he added.

Lomuro noted that the implementation of chapter two of the agreement particularly the coronation of the combatants in one unit is vital to pave the way for elections.

In relation, the minister rules that with a secured environment; there will be repatriation and free return of refugees from exile to participate in voting.

“The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and its management is in the final process of passing South Sudan durable strategy for refugees, returnees and IDPs, and host communities,’’ Lomuro said

Meanwhile, Charles Tai Gituai, the chair of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission warned the government against the slow implementation of the agreement.

He urged parties to the agreement to spend up implementation of the security arrangement to enable the Country head for elections.

Gituai, however, commended the government for the recent achievements in some of the key provisions and the successful arrival of the assorted food for the deployment of the forces.

He insisted that despite the little achievements made, more tasks still await the government.

In August this year, the National Transitional Committee procured 97 trucks of assorted food items for the unified forces at various training centers after waiting for eight months.

The food was received by the leadership of the committee headed by Tut Gatluak Manimme who promised delivery of the items to the cantonment sites across the Country.

According to Tut, the arrival of the consignment marked the deployment of those who graduated and training for the second phase of the necessary unified forces which is yet to kick off as promised.

Gatluak, who heads the NTC, initially did not provide more details about the procured food items, such as the amount spent and where they had been purchased.

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