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Inviting God to lift half of your burdens

 We are always expected to keep our ears to the ground because God wants each one of us not to expect surprises in life. For most people, making it out of nowhere to somewhere has to them, been something impossible even for people who believed in God.

God has a plan for each one of us and you are not exceptional. We are all part and parcel of God’s plan for humanity. This is why we should never underestimate people because we don’t know what tomorrow holds in store. If you are to be given spiritual eyes, you will treat people well and others badly based on what they have in store, but this is wrong.

We are all important and unique in our own ways in spite of what we may be going through. It is a must that when you commit to what you are doing for the next ten years, you can beat the odds and claim your seat at the table.

I am not saying we are going to be lucky. There is no luck when you are lazy. You have to get up and wipe your tears. Sometimes your family background can determine your future, some other times it depends on how you make choices for yourself.

I came from a disadvantaged community but as I grew, I have come to realize that the solution I seek in life is within me and I must always be prepared to carry the mettle and move on. The problem is that the country we have does not appreciate those who work hard. But what can we then do?  We have to hope and try what we can even when it hurts.

Who knows what may happen in the next five to ten years? I can tell you that God holds the keys, and you have to wrestle with him all the time until you remove those keys from his hands. This is never going to be easy, but I believe God still cares. He is and has always been merciful. Please don’t let people or situations that you are in discourage you from moving.

Of course, there are a lot of thorns in this journey. Life also comes with its own blows that you can’t manage to overcome. This is very heartbreaking but despite all this, God still promises that he will be with you in the process.

And please I don’t want to discourage you, but the process is going to hurt. You are going to cry several times. No wonder, we want it quick. We want to get there. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely nothing more apparent than the future that awaits those who are willing to pay for it. I am sorry, the price is going to be heavy or even worse bigger than you, but God is bigger than all.

In the words of a renowned French writer, Albert Camus who once said “real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present”. I became aware of the great future that we obliviously destroy by doing insubstantial things.

When I read the quote, I was greatly challenged and ridiculed because I was not making the best use of the little time I had. But I realize one bitter truth and that is to “give your best for a better tomorrow even when it hurts”.

How many of us are willing to pay the price and all it takes to make tomorrow more peaceful and more comfortable than today? Who won’t be happy to see a better world for their children?

If 100 people or more on the streets of Juba were asked what they want out of life.  No wonder their answers would be the same ‘good life’ is what they would say.

But am sorry.  That won’t come on a silver platter.  We have to be willing to fight for what we want out of life and live every moment as if it were our last.

Nothing is free in life and that is a sad truth.  You will have to go through a lot of pain, hardships, and failure after another to get what you want.

No bargain and absolutely no forgiveness.  Life gives back depending on the price we have paid but paying the price is never going to be easy if you don’t believe in yourself. Success as the primary goal of everyone starts with a simple belief and that belief is what drives you and provokes you to do your best.

Have you ever come across a man or woman driving a nice car and has a beautiful house whose life was a disaster some ten years ago?  If you haven’t, you will meet, and many questions will begin to flood your mind.

Questions like ‘How did he whose school fee was covered by a neighbor manage to change the story within this short span of time?”  He might be a native doctor who makes money through people’s blood.

But those negative thoughts are far from the truth. If someone asks you today how you see yourself ten years from now.  Would you say that person you would remain the same, of course not!

Every human being has the desire to see something new in their life and this means that those who made it from scratch weren’t favored by the goddess of luck or any supernatural occurrence.

They were compelled by the desire to change their lives and that changed everything.  Don’t let me sugarcoat anything here but if your life is not what you want it to be, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and that means you won’t move from one easy world to another.

You will meet sickness, failures, rejection, challenges and people who will wish to drag you down, but you will have to pull up your socks and keep going.

Nobody has the right to alter your future.  You are the master key that unlocks every door that leads to your destiny. It doesn’t matter how many doors have been slammed before your face, many keep opening as you push along, and you deserve even more.

Don’t give up after one or a hundred failures and if nobody loves you. Don’t hate yourself because the father in heaven loves you and this is evidenced by your existence.

Nobody is here by mistake or accident.  Even when one of your eyes, ears, hands or legs is missing. You have to be aware that you are just the person God wanted to create and you are unique just the way you are.

On bad days, expect something better and believe that life can and will surely change in a blink of an eye. Go on today and celebrate your life even when you have tears in your eyes because I believe some people who have had disadvantages as you do have gone on to achieve greater things and this means you can do that.

You are a blessing to your own world and you were not created to please everyone, you have to go ahead with the few who believe in you and are mindless about the rest and it won’t take long before you witness a drastic change in your life.

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