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At least 34 fistula patients treated in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou


At least 34 patients who have been suffering from fistula complications have been treated successfully in the recent Operation Fistula campaign in Northern Bahr Ghazel state.

Ten beneficiaries were women having uterus complications, and 24 were mild fistula cases, according to Reproductive Officer Ayuel Ayuel.

He said the rest of the registered women did not turn up for the treatment.

Ayuel urged the patients who have been operated on to avoid sex for six months to avoid rupture.

He warned patients to abstain from sex until they regain strength in their bodies.

“You don’t need to practice sex for a given period. If you never accomplish the given period and you get pregnant again, then the problem can happen as before,” he cautioned.

One of the beneficiaries who got treated, Nyanut Akol, said she was excited for the treatment given to her.

“I am glad that I will be like other women who are giving birth without complications, as I will not be stigmatized or discriminated against by the women who used to talk about my condition before,” she expressed.

Nyanut appealed to other women still suffering from the condition to seek treatment, saying it was free.

A fistula is an abnormal connection or passageway between organs or vessels that normally do not connect.

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