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Gov’t approves land allocation for army

By William Madouk


South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) will have a designated land for military purposes, across the country.

National Council of Ministers chaired by President Salva Kiir on Friday approved a proposal for demarcation and allocation of land to the army.

Government spokesperson Michael Makuei disclosed to journalists after the meeting,

He said the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Chol Thon Balok had presented a memo requesting for allocation of land to SSPDF, far from residential areas.

According to Makue, the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs explained to the cabinet how it is vital to effect protection and allocating land for the army.

“We listened to a presentation from the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs on the protection of River Nile airspace and land by the Army,” said Makuei.

He said that Minister Thon requested that the cabinet allot land to the army in the ten states and three administrative areas.

“Of course, as you know very well, the Army has no land, and as such, he [Thon] requested the Cabinet approve the issuance of land to the Army so that the Army is kept at a distance from the civil population,” he said.

“All over the world, there is no way whereby you find the civil population mingling with the Army, but here in South Sudan, they are inseparable; they are in the same places,” he continued.

As a result, the cabinet approved the allotment of land for soldiers and their families all over South Sudan.

“This presentation was appreciated, and it is actually overdue, and as such, it was appreciated and passed,” Makuei stressed.

The cabinet then directed the minister of defense to form a committee to establish contacts with the state and administrative authorities.

“So that they can provide the necessary land—a little bit away from the civil population—and also, this will enable them to control the Nile and the mountains,” he underscored.

“If they are done, the Army will be in a position to control all these areas and provide the necessary protection,” he added.


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