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Former Minister launches Book, inspiring resilience

By Mamer Abraham


Former Minister of Finance for the then semi-autonomous Southern Sudan government, Arthur Akuien Chol, has urged South Sudanese not to be discouraged by circumstances.

He made the sentiment while he delivered his speech at the launch of his memoir titled “A Life Fighting for My People,” a book to celebrate his life and the struggles of other South Sudanese who struggled for independence.

He called upon South Sudanese not to give up hope in the wake of the challenges the country faces but to remain united.

“I urge you as our citizens to invest in yourselves with these given opportunities and to keep in mind that South Sudan requires all of your personal contributions,” he said in his speech during the book launch at the Imperial Plaza Hotel yesterday.

“I never imagined proudly identifying myself as a South Sudanese, but today all of these have become a reality. Therefore, never give up hope; don’t get discouraged by the current unfolding events. Get involved in spreading peace, love, and harmony amongst yourselves, and always keep the interests of South Sudan first.”

According to Akuien, “A Life Fighting for My People” is a book that reflects perseverance, is a beacon of hope and determination, and points towards a vibrant future.

“It is surely a testament to the power of perseverance, hope, and determination in the face of diversity. It also offers a rare glimpse into a life of service and a vision for a future of opportunities, hope, and peace,” he continued.

“I shared experiences and insights into the challenges faced, victories, and lessons learned. I am happy that the book motivates both young people and the leaders to the prosperity of this country.”

Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, the vice president of the service cluster, said Arthur was one of the liberators who inspired him to be a politician.

“The book of the honorable Arthur Akuien is a mirror of ourselves. And this book can guide us as a youth,” he said.

The vice president for service clusters said the researchers did not have a funded initiative but encouraged them to continue doing research to document the history of the country.

He urged all the citizens to accept one another beyond tribal and political affiliations and unite to build a solid nation that will lead to tangible prosperity.

The vice president called for the formation of a research center that will aim at documenting what has been left out in history, pledging the government would heed to fund it.

Dhieu Mathok, the national minister for investment, urged South Sudanese youth to take education seriously, taking an example from Akuien’s autobiography.

He said Akuien was a liberator, and the books written by liberators should be taken seriously because they captured what they witnessed during the liberation struggle.

Arthur served as the country minister for finance before South Sudan seceded from Sudan in July 2011.

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