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Raiders injure two soldiers, civilian

By Yang Ater Yang


At least two South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and a civilian have been injured in a road ambush by suspected armed raiders who allegedly raided cattle from Cueibet County.

The soldiers were shot when they attempted to retrieve the raided cattle from a cattle camp on Saturday.

Lakes State police spokesperson Elijah Mabor Makuac said the security in Lakes State is normal, but the attacks caused panic among the residents of Amongpiny and Paloch Payams.

According to the Mabor a man named as one of the suspects owned five cattle from the raided cattle but refused to surrender or bring the cattle.

His uncle was arrested instead, and his son decided to go alone to bring the cattle to refund the claimed cattle, he said.

“They were sent together with him to a cattle camp called Ayira to bring the cattle. After releasing two herds of cattle, the suspect ran and ambushed them, shooting all of them. He shot and wounded two SSPDF soldiers and his uncle’s civilian son, who was accompanying the soldiers to the cattle,” Mr. Mabor narrated.

The cows are now under the custody of security forces at Abyeicok and will be brought to State headquarters to be given back to the owners.

“The security forces are currently pursuing the criminals to apprehend them, and an investigation will take place to explain why they attacked people while stealing another people’s property.”


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