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When it gets out of hand

In life and at certain points in life, problems and hurts will come unsought and uninvited. They will challenge you badly and leave you without any choice. They will reduce you to nothing and lead you into believing that you were created by mistake.

You will begin to question your existence and feel as if nature was wrong to create you or God might have mistaken you for somebody else. It may seem like his plan was to create somebody else but ended up creating you.

In your heart, you see yourself as a nobody but a heartbroken human being who was and is still not part of God’s great plan. You will see your fellow humans and when you try to compare yourself with them, only suicidal thoughts will invade your mind.

You might have been waiting for your sun to shine for years but things are getting hard. You are dealing with poverty, divorce, sickness and seemingly never-ending hardships. When you ask God for solutions to your problems. You get more pains, disappointments and hurts in return.

Life will give you new challenges and problems to solve on a daily basis. Maybe today you lose someone you loved so dearly. Maybe you are wondering if you would ever go to school because the school fee is increasing.

Every time you cry over the problems that you can’t solve due to financial constraints. At some points in life, you may come up with a good idea to start a business for yourself but you find that you can’t because you have no capital to execute the idea. You will watch your loved ones dying of hunger or sicknesses but you have nothing to save them because you are poor. And tears begin to find their way through your cheeks.

Tears that reveal what you normally go through on a daily basis. Tears that question the existence of God, who seems far distance away. Your mind based on your life experiences might have asked you to give up and deceived you that things will never change for the better. But that is wrong and your mind has lied to you.

In every challenging situation and when we are hit by hardships and difficulties this is the time we should rejoice and wait for God to take his action because at the end of every hard situation, there is something good that is about to happen. We are poor and the large number of people in this country is poor but that does not mean that we were predestined to remain like that for the rest of our life.

We were made rich and our choices contributed greatly to the poverty that we continue to find ourselves in today. We need to forget everything and give all to God. Some of us have never been loved once they were young because they do not have parents. Some grew up in broken families and in their eyes, they see the future being clouded by a thick smoke and they have given up or they are in the process because they feel forgotten but if you are reading this article with that thought in your mind. You better ask yourself why you are still alive today. What kept you this long even in the days when all hope was gone? What kept you alive in the days when you had nothing to eat, not even a loaf of bread?

What kept you when you were on a hospital bed? It is God and that same God has not abandoned you and he has a plan for your life no matter how long it would take. If you have never been loved, find love in him. If you have nobody to carry your problems to, give them to him. If you have tears in your eyes, he will wipe them for you.

I know even to me; I understand how it feels to wait for God who sometimes takes a long time to attend to our needs but we need to fully trust him even when it is very painful. We need to wait for his promises for us even in the most challenging times. Even when we have no strength to wait on him when we are tired and weighed down by the burdens of life. We have to hold onto him and he will never let us down.

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