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Central Equatoria state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony is credited for appointing the first female mayor, H. W Flora Gabriel Modi, to lead Juba City Council.

Unfortunately, the city mayor’s office witnessed lots of squabbles and intermittent appointments of one after the other within a short period.

Such job instabilities characterized by periodic changes create uncertainties in the minds of leaders, making it hard for them to set and execute goals within a short time.

It also compels those who are given the leadership opportunity to employ drastic measures intended to get quick results to show proof of being in the office, rather than to first set strategies for long-lasting achievements, an example, is what was demonstrated in a video that circulated in a social media.

Now that the governor has taken to explore a different dimension, to appoint the first female city mayor, we should embrace her leadership.  Let’s leave out the derogative connotation that “mara sakit” but give her ultimate support.

A leader, H.W Flora can’t perform any duty without the support of the subjects and the subordinates, for it’s from their collective consent that she will thrive in her office.

Mrs. Flora’s appointment has only added to many other titles she already had before, which all call to be acknowledged and respected at their different moments.

She could be your mother, sister, untie, or whatever, but at the time of office, give her the due respect as Her Worship, Mayor of Juba City, otherwise, God will judge us with time.

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