Over 3,000 refugees arrive in Ruweng

By Yien Gattour


Over 3,000 Sudanese refugees, mostly women and children, have recently arrived in South Sudan’s Ruweng Administrative Area.

Chairperson of the Sudanese community in Pariang, Idris Muhammad Idris told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper recently.

He said the refugees have been received by Ruweng Administrative government and were provided with food supplies, before sending them to Panyier refugee camp.

“The Administrative government welcomed them and relocated some of them to Panyier camp and the humanitarian organizations also provided them with food supplies,” he said.

He added that the economic situation in Ruweng was affected by the war in Sudan as well as the closure of the road that links the Administrative with the capital, Juba due to the floods and heavy rains.

He said the humanitarian situation in Ruweng is stable due to the support from the host community and the Sudanese traders to the refugees.

He further said that the health condition of the refugees is dire amid the spread of malaria and fiver, adding that some cases are reported daily.

The diaspora community leader urged the Sudanese warring parties to listen to the voice of reason and negotiate a peace deal to end the ongoing war.

For her part, Morzieh Zalazeth said that the war displaced us from our respective homes town to lives of refugees.

“I wish for the war in Sudan to stop. The situation is devastating, and war cannot lead to anything. Peace is never achieved through war. Those that are dying in Sudan right now and Sudanese citizens first and foremost and I hope that the warring parties could listen to the voice of reason and negotiate for peace. Sudan is for all of us.

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