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Uganda Minister calls for peaceful coexistence

By Gladys Fred Kole


Ugandan State Minister of Primary Education Dr. Joyce Moriku Kadachu has urged the peaceful co-existence of Ugandans and South Sudanese to embrace harmony.

Speaking during an event to mark the 61st Independence Anniversary of Uganda, Moriku expressed gratitude to the people of West Nile for allowing South Sudanese refugees in their land.

The minister, who is also the woman MP of Moyo district in Uganda, praised the president of Uganda for promoting peaceful co-existence between the two countries.

“Let us continue to live in harmony to promote peace such that we are one brother and sister,” she said.

“Much as we have a border with South Sudan our people of Uganda move freely to trade and South Sudanese also come to Uganda,” Moriku added.

She stated that they reside in their homeland without any form of segregation, stating that it is the spirit of pan-Africanism and East African integration principles.

Meanwhile, Hon. Mawa A Moses, Central Equatoria state minister of roads and bridges on behalf of the governor of CES thanked the Ugandan government for maintaining the good relationship between the two countries.

“Coming to celebrate independence from both countries did not come from any group, but it is because of the good leadership, it is leaders that make things good and bad,” Mawa said.

“Thank you for maintaining our relationship, peace and harmony, you make life very easy for us.”

Mawa urged Ugandans and South Sudanese to live in unity, prosperity, and peace, citing that since Uganda got independence it maintained its peace and security.

“Uganda is our second home, most of us are living here, grew here and obtained education here, we are one people let us maintain our unity to work and support each other,” he explained.

South Sudan’s state government delegation includes legal affairs advisors, gender advisors, road and bridges minister, and commissioner Kajo-Keji.

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