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Ministry upgrades health facility

By Hou Akot Hou


Northern Bahr El Ghazal State Ministry of Health has upgraded a Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) in Malek-alel, the headquarters of Aweil South County, to a primary healthcare center.

Dr. Aleu Pioth, the Director General of the State Health Ministry, disclosed that the Malek-Alel PHCU will now function as a primary healthcare center as it has a new status.

Mr. Aleu disclosed that surveys conducted qualified the primary healthcare unit (PHCU) to get the designation of PHCC (primary healthcare center).

He said that they are working to ensure that other facilities will have the capacity to prevent diseases from spreading.

“The Malek-Alel PHCC will have additional stocks or consignments of drugs in 2024 to help contain the diseases that are on the rise in the county, as it is the only facility attended by the communities surrounding the county’s headquarters,” he said.

Mr. Aleu also said that other facilities, such as Malualkon and Nyamlel, have been upgraded to hospitals, and that made them take the decision to upgrade the Malek facility to have the status of being a PHCC.

Many facilities in the state and the region at large do lack essential drugs, and some people blame the situation on malpractices that emanate from some medics, as some are being accused of selling the consignment to the pharmacists once stocking or distribution of drugs occurs.

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