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Don’t be too quick to judge, you are not God

It is very hard for people to mind their own business and in most cases, people like pointing fingers where they are not needed. Sometimes someone’s success story is another’s failure story. And guess what, this is the story of us. There is nothing we can do about it.

Stop laughing when someone is grieving because you don’t know what is coming for you. I have always said that if you think you have figured out in life, something will just come over and maybe, prove you wrong.

There are times when life just makes no sense. There are times when it works. And it is not always by your might that it works. Sometimes we just can’t explain it. You know the story of a chicken; you feed it and ensure that it is well protected from predators. All the chicken will know is that you are a good keeper, and you will forever be but one day, you will call it out and have it slaughtered.

I used to have this rational thinking that we are like chickens because our owner doesn’t care what we do here, he knows that he will take us to a place we don’t know one day. This makes us the same, from the soil and to the soil, we return. What if discovered the secret that the reason for our existence was to act as food for intergalactic organisms that raised us especially for our meat and not the other way around?

Think of life as a glass, so fragile. It doesn’t matter how you try to handle it, must break and you cannot remake it. This is why the idea of death brings us misery. When you are aware of your existence, it reminds you too of your mortality, bringing us constant pain each day. It prevents us from enjoying the present moment. But the truth is, we will never arrive there. And if you need to find happiness in life, you don’t need to judge.

How often do we look at someone’s current situation and make conclusions about it? We are so eager to conclude that they are done for, and not going to make it in life, especially when their life doesn’t seem to match our interpretation of success.

And yet, we never want someone to write us off in any situation in life! So why do some people keep doing it to others? This is unfair; God loves us all regardless of who we are or where we come from.

Don’t judge or put down someone’s journey, unless they have permitted and invited you to share constructive criticism. You don’t know where they have been; you don’t know where they are going; you don’t fully know what they really want out of life; you don’t know their dreams; you don’t know their goals; you have no comprehension of their purpose in life!

You don’t have the full picture of their life in your view! So, stop judging it. Focus on your picture, and let that other person pursue and build their picture.

May we always realize and remember that other people don’t need our permission to live their lives! And similarly, may each of us always realize and remember that no other fellow human being has the last word on interpreting and directing the picture of our life, except we, ourselves!

That should be the rule of nature, mind your own business and wish others well because that is the only best thing to do if you can’t be of any help to any struggling person outside there.




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