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Lawmaker denounces unfair scholarships

By Bida Elly David

A member of Transitional National Legislative Assembly has made astounding allegations that scholarship programs in the country are predominantly benefiting children from wealthy backgrounds, demanding accountability.

Hon. Victoria Adhar Arop, an 80-year-old lawmaker representing Twic County of Warrap state claimed that scholarships were being awarded to students solely based on their family’s wealth, sidelining deserving candidates from less privileged households.

“We don’t know how many children are being sent outside to learn, those are children of the rich people squandering public resources,” Victoria said.

“If good education is only for the children of politicians from particular tribes dominating the government what about the children of widows and poor citizens who pass well,” she questioned.

Adhar accused the Education Ministry of Education of discriminating against children for scholarships abroad, citing a series of games by the Ministry of Education in selecting students.

She called for the assembly to monitor these actions and stop the vice.

The lawmaker further stated that insecurity has contributed to the downfall of the education system, with two-thirds of children failing to attend classes.

the MP asserted that the selection process lacked transparency and called for urgent reforms to ensure equal opportunities for all students.

She demanded a comprehensive investigation into the alleged favoritism and emphasized the need for a merit-based system that rewards academic excellence and financial need.

Another lawmaker Peter Adok from Panyikang County, Upper Nile State, commended Victoria Adher for addressing concerns about the deteriorating education sector.

He emphasized the need for serious reforms in the education and security sectors to ensure free and conducive learning for future generations.

Adok also highlighted the poor health sector and the fact that children cannot access education with poor health conditions.

After a lengthy debate on the matter, House Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba, the minister of higher education should be called to explain education failures and scholarship issues.

The Ministry of Higher Education has yet to respond to the MP’s allegations.




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