Diaspora South Sudanese call for unity, youth empowerment

By Gladys Fred Kole


Chairperson of African community council of south Australian argues that the people of South Sudan need to be united to be able to fight instability.

Denis Yengi in his own words said “we can only bring development and create more opportunities for our people and only excel if we are united as a nation.”

He said that as South Sudan has 64 tribes, they should continue to look at each other as brothers and sisters because unity brings progress and eliminates instability in the country.

According to Yengi, the bid for unity starts from a local level with extension to the 64 tribes and before we know it we have actually achieved what we had intended to achieve in a very short period of time.

“Am very passionate about youths, because i went overseas as a very young boy and i know their carries the dreams of our parents who couldn’t achieve their dreams because of the long war in south Sudan.” He decried

Yengi believes that the youth are the most valuable resources of south Sudan and there is a need for to empower the young people, if not, the future of the country is very blink.

African community council of South Australia is a body representing communities from over 46 African countries that includes Uganda, south Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopian, Nigeria, and DRC among others.

Yengi, who talked to No. 1 Citizens Daily Newspaper in one on one interview recently, explained that the purpose for the formation of the body 18 years ago was due to the need to work together to advance interest of Africans in the diaspora.

“When it comes to working with key stakeholders like the state government, common wealth government and all the entities, which is critical for our progress in the state, we needed to have a united voice on issues that matter to us as well as advocating for our interest in Australia” Yengi explained.

He noted that if their voices can yield fruits abroad, then it could also bring benefits to the communities back home.

“Our progress overseas is very critical for us to be able to transfer whatever experience and knowledge we have to impact back at home and people back home have a very critical role in educating many of us, its honor to engage and also learn from them,” he said.

He emphasized that coming from overseas shouldn’t be a factor to look down upon the people at home who are the reason of their existence, abroad.

Denis Yengi, a son to former commissioner of Kajo-Keji County, Mr. Ben Yengi, [ledged to continue advocating for African interest in Australia and other continents.

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