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Girl takes over Abdelbagi’s office

By William Madouk


A girl temporarily assumed office of the vice president for the service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi, on Thursday under girls’ mentorship in the leadership role.

The mentorship initiative, dubbed “Girls Take over Offices” programmes is held under the theme “Invest in Girl’s Rights: Our Leadership, Our well-Being.”

While handing back the office, the demo-vice president for service cluster, Ms. Nyawich Gabriel, 21 years old, appreciated VP Abdelbagi and she challenged girls to pursue their dreams.

“Me being in this position means a lot, because I’m going to inspire young girls and women out there that they are capable,” said Nyawich.

She said that girls have the ability to become leaders in future.

“I encourage girls and boys to don’t limit their dreams; don’t limit their hopes,” she added.

Nyawich encouraged young girls who got pregnant at an early age to take care of their babies and, when chance allows, they recommence their studies.

“I’m so glad that His Excellency has given me the opportunity to be in his chair,” Nyawich expressed.

She appealed to parents to have their children educated irrespective of their genders, adding that all are capable in one way or another.

“We are going to give the information to other girls and our mothers to see that and believe in our potential that what a man can do, a woman can do better,” she underscored.

Nyawich also called for an end to negative practices and norms that discourage young girls from pursuing their studies.

Meanwhile, the vice president for service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi, expressed gratitude, citing that young people would be in the right place to take over the seats in the future.

“I take it as the vice president. I am not going to be in this seat for all and ever, and I also have a clue how I am going to give this seat and this position to other people,” said Abdelbagi.

He said the programme should be a guide so that young people know when they are going to be leaders and when they are going to be able to give the leadership back to those who are coming behind.

Abdelbagi said leaders should prepare the way for young people to take over as it continues from generation to generation.

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