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Students cry over lack of government support

By Gladys Fred Kole


South Sudanese students studying in Moyo district of Uganda have decried lack of government support towards their accomplishment of studies.

The president of the Moyo District South Sudanese Students Association (MOSSUSA) said there are no stakeholders who give them advice or guidance, and they lack material support as well.

Apiu Flavia Umisa Poni, President of the association, urged government officials to unite and support young girls and boys without leaving them behind in pursuing their academic dreams.

Poni disclosed that they had the privilege to form this association on March 13, 2023, comprising South Sudanese students from various schools in Moyo district.

“We hope to promote peace and togetherness on this platform for our students and community. The district gave us the go-ahead to always carry on with our activities, and they also gave us support where necessary,” she said.

“Although we are students, we don’t have a source of funds to facilitate our movements to our appointment points.” Poni stressed

Mogga Anthony Wani, another members said they planned to go to the refugees’ camps and sensitise the people regarding girl child education, but they don’t have funds.

“Money is there but inadequate; the money I am talking about is the little one our parents in the camps give us as pocket money; instead, we utilise it to facilitate our work at the district communally.” Mogga said.

He acknowledged challenges but noted that being patriotic to their country is the reason they came together and formed this much-needed student body.

Moga hinted that they needed to bear with the situation.

“We are practicing leadership in Uganda because we love our nation, and we can’t wait to elect quality leaders of our choice who will help us solve the issues of instability in our country because we can’t wait to return home,” he said.

“I urge the government to bring a sense of coexistence and commemorate each other because if you’re to fight or believe in tribalism, it can’t make sense or bring progress to the nation.” Mogga argued

He stressed that progress will be achieved when people have a sense of unity, noting that if people are disunited, they will fall apart.

Samuel Lado Gore, the incoming association president, explained that they often call for meetings and advice those who are trying to be tribalistic in the schools.

Gore vowed that he would make the association better and also lay out new strategies like helping those in hospitals and conducting cleaning campaigns.

The students spoke to this outlet during an event that marked the celebration of Uganda’s independence in Moyo district on October 9, 2023.

Moyo District is a gateway for refugees fleeing from South Sudan, Central Equatoria State, hosts self-settled refugees, and is strategically located as a potential trade corridor.

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