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Fatal accident kills 7, others wounded

By William Madouk


At least seven people died on spot while several others sustained injuries in fatal accident that occurred over the weekend in Juba City, police said.

The serial accidents involving a V8 car are blamed on reckless driving.

According to the police statement, a Toyota V8 hit motorcycles at Seventh Day roundabout and fled without stopping but then, crashed into a building in Rock City neighborhood.

“The traffic police at Gudele One have registered a fatal accident at Rock City where a car rammed into a building after knocking three people dead along a seventh-day roundabout and injuring four others near Jebel Lodge in Rock City,” partly reads an earlier statement by police.

The death toll is likely to rise, as the police reported seven people died on the spot and scores hospitalized but didn’t specify the magnitude of the injuries.

According to the law enforcement agency revealed that the incident took place on Saturday in the evening hours.

“The accident involved motor vehicle registration number SSD 996L and two motorcycles; it is alleged that motorcycles and tricycle riders have died,” the police added.

The police said the Land Cruiser driver was injured, and he would be charged with careless and a hit-and-run driving, as the investigation is ongoing.

“The cause of the incident has been attributed to reckless driving, as a case has been opened at Gudele police station and the driver is under police custody,” the police affirmed in their statement.

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